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South-Africa’s Premier online Snail Store. Purchase fresh from the farm. The Snail House is a professional snail farm that specialises in a range of snail and snail complementary products.

The consumption of snail as a vital protein source has been shown to predate human historical times  Archaeology discoveries have shown that snail have been eaten, possibly roasted by early man.

It is believed that the consumption of snails started with the Romans. The Romans have considered snail meat (escargot) as a food for the elite class. They select ed certain edible breeds of snail for breeding purposes to meet the demand for consumption.

Some Health Benefits of Consuming Snails

Snails are:

1. a low-calorie alternate source of protein preferred by some vegetarians.

2. a vital source of iron essential for the production of red blood cells (RBC) in the bone marrow. It is needed for the normal function of the body thus preventing anaemia, providing energy, and reducing stress. Iron derived from animals are more easily assimilated by the body in comparison to plant iron.

3. a great source of magnesium which contributes to bone health thus preventing bone-related diseases such as rickets.

4. contains selenium which helps optimize the immune system and also helps to prevent cell damage.

5. is an important source of energy as it provides about 100% energy

6. an important source of copper and zinc which helps improve melanin pigmentation and production of male spermatozoa

7. a vital source of potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte that plays a vital role in maintaining blood pressure and proper function of vital organs. It also helps to prevent other challenges such as diarrhoea.

8. contains an enormous amount of calcium- a very vital ion that makes up the major component of bones and teeth. Normal blood clotting in the body also requires calcium to prevent excessive blood loss. Calcium also helps to promote nervous irritability and preventing convulsions.

9. It is believed that snail meat is very beneficial to pregnant women as it aids the overall development and movement of the foetus. It is also a good source of iron for nursing mothers.


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