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With over 28 years of experience, and a broad understanding of design, renovation, and the construction industry, HVN Architects are best suited to solve your design needs in creative and effective ways.

We at HVN Architects provide our clients with a wide range of architectural services, ranging from developing your brief, designing the building, specifying materials, curating fixtures and fittings, defining workmanship standards on site, certifying the value of work done, and surveying of existing facilities.

HVN Architects ensures that our clients avoid costly surprises, and provides innovative solutions, of the caliber one might never have considered.

Our solutions ensures optimal building efficiency, functionality, and aesthetic value - your investment is in safe hands!

Contact us today, and let's negotiate your quote for our professional architectural services.

Architectural Services

The actualization of a building & its various functions is the most significant investment of one's life.

The home serves as the cultivating vessel within which our most cherishable memories are made, together with family & friends.

The industry serves as locus of vital production and manufacturing, in proportion to a particular ambition or goal.

The place of commerce - the effervescent marketplace, exhibition, & emporium of our proud crafts and skills. 

These ubiquitous edifices facilitate our daily course of being. Our environment engenders our setting, nestled in how we act, how we feel - how we think. Why compromise? Why rush? Make the environment which you inhabit the best it can possibly be!

With our architectural service, we accompany you at every step of the construction process: from the conceptualization, to the actualization of the project.

Architectural Draughting Services

Procuring approved building plans is compulsory, by law, & precedes the erection of any structure, addition, alteration, and in some cases, renovations.

Our robust methodology, akin to a well oiled machine, guarantees timely and efficient submission and approval of building plans.

The application of relevant local authority by-laws and the SANS-regulation is second nature to our experienced draughtsmen. We ensure that the product is designed safely within the parameters of the National Building Regulations, in a way that it does not curb the creative process.

Coordination with all the relevant consultants is properly facilitated with our brandishing of BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology.

3D-Rendering Services

The conceptualization process is of paramount importance to the construction process.

We offer 3D-rendering services to aid in the effective conceptualization of the proposed project, and to ensure optimal synergy between the client's needs, the architect's designs, and the end product.

To aid in establishing a concept, for marketing purposes, or in the visual communication of crucial elements: we wield this tool to serve our client's needs.


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38 Piet Retief Street, Bergsig, Montagu 6720, Western Cape, South Africa

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