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3ID is a full turn-key product design and development consultancy with a primary focus on design for production offering innovative and creative solutions to design challenges.

3ID has evolved into a full turn-key problem-solving company, offering innovative and creative solutions to retail & merchandising display design, point of sale, interactive kiosks & touch screens in a very competitive market.

3ID values strong relationships with clients & suppliers and views it as a mutually beneficial partnership, adding value, insight and experience. Our services include conceptual design, technical development and the management of outsource manufacture to give our clients the best product and value for money.


* Design & Development
* Manufacturing & Production
* Installation, Maintenance & Storage
* Asset Management


Conceptual Design
CAD & 3D Modelling
Production Engineering
Technical Drawings

Design is used as a differentiating factor in a competitive market. It gives 3D form to a 2D Corporate Identity. It is a three-dimensional interpretation of a two-dimensional identity.

Design positions you in a market and elevates you to a perceived value level. Design is aesthetic, practical and a creative blend of application.


3ID has embraced the modern trend of outsourcing with much success. The advantage to the customer is a broad knowledge of substrates and materials, as well as innovative manufacturing methods; 3ID is not bound or inhibited by the limitations of an in-house factory but has built strong partnerships over the years with specialist suppliers and manufacturers to give the client the benefit of creative design, quality, variety and cost-effective solutions.

3ID has entered into various joint ventures and working relationships with other design professionals and manufacturers over the years. This has resulted in a wealth of experience in different design fields and the cross application of design knowledge and manufacturing know-how.

3ID differentiates itself by focussing on innovative design solutions and creative problem solving.


As 3ID has a strong production and delivery focus, the need for distribution, installation and maintenance as a supplementary service to manufacturing has been steadily growing over the years.

3ID has evolved into a full turn-key design studio, which not only produces unique, custom items to spec, but can also distribute, install and maintain these retail assets on behalf of the client.

3ID has a local team that has the capability to transport and distribute units to various retail and commercial outlets. We have the experience to handle these units with care and install them with attention to detail, so that it has the best exposure and return on investment for the client.


Retail assets are an expensive, but very important part of a company’s visual presence in the market. The retail assets reflect a company’s values and mirrors the potential customers aspirations. The proper documentation of retail assets is therefore extremely important to streamline deployment, maintenance and determine return on investment.

3ID can keep a register of retail assets, recording their type, placement & movement.

This register will provide valuable information for the client in terms of their retail asset types, the distribution and retail channels. This will provide insight into return on investment, as well as retail presence or lack thereof.

Information can be used to better schedule installations, removals and maintenance.


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10 Harrowood Thrush Avenue, Boskruin, Gauteng, South Africa

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