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POOLSAFE based in Strand, Cape Town offers automated swimming pool covers for safety and temperature control. Childproof, less water maintenance, reduction in water and heat loss.


POOLSAFE covers provide peace of mind when children are present by being able to support the weight of a youngster, thus preventing potential accidents.

Reduction in Water & Heat Loss

Swimming pools lose their heat during the night by radiation. During the day evaporation, further enhanced by wind, causes further cooling of the water. POOLSAFE covers counteract these effects by virtually eliminating evaporation as well as providing an insulated cover.

Less Water Maintenance

Algae growth requires sunlight which is blocked out by the POOLSAFE cover. Therefore fewer chemicals are required to keep the water crystal-clear.

Reduction in Indoor Humidity

Indoor pools create a substantial amount of humidity which requires the use of costly de-humidifiers. These are made redundant by POOLSAFE covers.


POOLSAFE's first pool cover was installed in 2000 and is still going strong. After initially importing complete pool cover systems from Europe, POOLSAFE has over the years developed its own systems and technology and is now manufacturing covers locally in South Africa, thereby reducing the cost significantly. The highly specialised submersible tubular motors are still imported, as are the complex Polycarbonate and Covrex slats.

POOLSAFE's aim is to become the leading automated pool cover manufacturer and supplier in Southern Africa by producing a cutting edge product of high quality and reliability combined with the best service in our industry.


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Henry Vos Close, Unit 12 Tailormade Park, ASLA Park, Strand 7140, Western Cape, South Africa

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