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We are a vibrant and experienced architectural practice providing specialist expertise on environmental projects, green architecture and sustainable development.

Environmentally sensitive design or “Green architecture” has become very popular in recent years, but Ken has been practicing in this dedicated manner for almost two decades now. In Ken’s view, the site and its context are considered more than a place to build the project, but rather the climate, geology, geography and ecology are a resource with which the architecture synthesizes to produce built form.

Each client is unique, and each site is unique, and by marrying the needs of each client with the opportunities of each site, each project develops its own unique formulation and aesthetic.

Ken’s architectural design methodology uses a holistic approach, where the building is considered as a whole; an organism or machine, in which every component has an effect upon the other components and on the building as a whole. Working in this way, it is possible to have single elements performing several functions, producing more efficient and comfortable buildings.

Climate is considered an opportunity for synergy to produce comfortable internal and external environments with much less energy expenditure than in traditional architecture. Ken’s architecture responds to the environment in which it is rooted to create comfortable, well lit and well ventilated spaces that are warm in winter and cool in summer. Hence the company name, “Environment Response Architecture”.


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3 Garrett Road, Parktown 2193, Gauteng, South Africa

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