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Poly Bars manufactures and installs Clear Burglar Bars - Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

Why You Need Clear Burglar Bars

Crime is a prominent issue throughout South Africa and protecting our homes against intruders is becoming a necessity. We have always felt safe in the Cape, but times are changing. Although there are numerous security systems for us to choose from, none of them are 100% intruder-proof.

The point of them is to hamper the intruders’ efforts and give you time to respond by calling the police or your armed response company. If you are not at home the intruders will still be stalled giving those essential, nosey neighbours or your response team to react!

We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and many of us have exquisite views of mountains or pristine ocean views but burglaries are becoming more prevalent. We live in heavily armed fortresses hiding behind ugly steel bars when there’s the more aesthetically pleasing option of affordable, clear burglar bars, with the strength of traditional steel bars, but giving clear, unfettered views and easy maintenance whilst enhancing your feeling of safety and freedom at the same time.

Benefits of Clear Burglar Bars

* Your wonderful views – or even the view out into your garden, will not be obscured.
* There is very low maintenance to keep your Poly Bars looking pristine and clean- just wipe them regularly with a clean damp cloth.
* They are UV protected and will not be affected by sunlight and turn yellow or opaque.
* Each bar is installed individually, making it even more difficult for intruders to have access to your home… They would have to spend considerable time removing every bar before they could carry out your grand piano!
* You will never feel that you are living in your own personal prison, but you will still be secure.
* There is a solution to nearly every situation and variations of installations are numerous… see below for some ideas- to name but a few.
* The price is very affordable and compares favourably with old-fashioned steel bars.
* Poly Bars never need to be painted and will never rust.


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34 Gleneagle Road, Welcome Glen, Simons Town 7975, Western Cape, South Africa

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