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Positively Pumps (Pty) Ltd is the proud distributor of Viking Gear Pumps (and all water products) to Western Cape, Northern Cape and Sub Saharan Africa.

Operating from Montague Gardens, Positively Pumps (Pty) Ltd offers full sales, service & spares and technical backup for the full range of Viking Pumps.  Application of the Viking pumps expands across a manifold of industries including Oil, Gas, Chemical, Refrigeration, Packaging, Paper, Printing, Food, Foam, Chocolate, Beverage, Asphalt, Soap, Resins, Milk, Yoghurt and Yeast to name a few.

Advances in the Viking range to look forward to include The Hygienic Series Pump, for the food, beverage, wine, fruit, vegetable, olive, milk and yoghurt industries; Solar Borehole, Close Coupled, Swimming pool pumps and Inverters to convert existing pumps to Solar Energy.

Normal Water , Submersible and Air Diaphragm pumps are also available.


This is some of the services we provide. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any other services you require.

* Sales and service of Viking Gear Pumps.

* Sales and Service of Water/Solar Pumps

* Upgrade existing water pumps, to Solar Power.

* Facility to repair and test. Most makes of Pumps.

* Base Plate Manufacturing

* Product Back UP.

* Collection and Delivery.

* Pump Selections

* Problem Solving

* Quotation


Viking Gear Pumps

- Full Range of Viking Pumps Available, 

-Heavy Duty (Universal) Internal Gear Pump,

-(Industrial Pumps offering design flexibility)     

-Industrial Lobe Pumps

-Hygienic Series Pump

-Jacketed, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel, Steel Externals.

-External Gear Pumps (Iron, Composite)                   

-Mag Drive Pumps   

-Specialty Pumps, (Abrasive Liquids, Refrigeration Ammonia, Asphalt, & LP Gas) 

-Helical & In Line Reducers.

-Basket In Line Strainers     

-Viking, Repair and Spares Kits for most pump sizes.

Ebara Water Pumps

-CMA single stage 0,37kw up to 2,2kw

-CMB Single Stage, 0.75kw up to 4kw

-CMC & CMR Single Stage 0.56 up to 0.75

-CMD Single Stage 1.1kw up to 3kw

-CDA Two Stage Pump 0,75 up to 4 kw

-PRA (Peripheral Impeller) 0,37 up to 1,5kw

-AGA (Jet Pump) 0,75kw up to 2,2kw

-DWO (open Impeller) Stainless Steel 1,5kw up to 3kw

-DXH 70&90 0,37kw up to 0.75kw Stainless Steel

-2CDXH Two stage Stainless Steel 1.1kw up to 3,7kw

-3MH 32/40-160/200 Stainless Steel Flanged, 1,5kw up to 11kw

-Cast Iron & Stainless Steel Submersible/Sewage Pumps 0,25kw up to 11kw

Well Point Water Pumps

-Jet  Self Priming centrifugal


Solar Water Pumps 

Complete system including 


*Solar / Inverter Panel


Ideal for Agricultural and areas with no electricity or rolling blackouts.

Swimming Pool & Fountain Pumps                      

End Suction, Vertical Turbine and Horizontal Split case Pumps.                                                

Electric Motors, Gearbox’s.


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