Inkwa Trading

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Durban Metro, South Africa

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Inkwa Trading in Durban makes use of highly efficient 8000 litre Honey Sucker (Vacuum) Trucks with extension pipes of up to 60 metres long for sewage removal.

The moment one hears the word sewage, it immediately evokes a feeling of revolt and disgust in most people. The truth is that sewage is fact of life and we dispose of it in various ways – whether running a home or operating in the commercial industry.

Let us put it this way, effective sewage disposal is essential and the assistance of professional sewerage removal services is necessary.

Inkwa Trading CC initially started as a construction company in 2006 but in 2012, changed its focus to the sewage removal service industry and the desludging of sceptic tanks. Sthembiso Dube owns and runs Inkwa Trading and has a dedicated team who thrive on growing the continued success of the business. Where Inkwa Trading CC once started with one truck, Sthembiso had a vision, a goal and a passion for success and the result is seen in this now flourishing business.

Our Specialized Services

Disposal of (wet and dry) sludge
Desludging of septic tanks
Effluent removal
Removal of industrial waste
Removal of liquid waste

Our Goal and Vision

We aim to be the best provider of transport and disposers of liquid waste

Our vision is to be the leaders when it comes to sewage removal services and the desludging of septic tanks and water removal of liquid waste in the Kwa-Zulu Natal area.

We are a proud provider of vacuum and suction services in the sewage removal services industry.

Inkwa Trading CC is a 100% BEE Company owned by black youth, on level 3.


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