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We supply prepaid meters and complete systems for prepaid electricity management. Our solutions can be used for small residential properties and gated / housing estates, up to municipal size installations of hundreds of thousands of meters.


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Have you asked yourself these questions?

* Landlords and Property Managers:
Tired of tenants running up high electricity bills and skipping?
Are you trapped by tenants disputing their bills after consumption?
Are you feeling that the law is not on your side when it comes to owner tenant disputes?

* Tenants:
Are you being overcharged for electricity?
Is your consumption not as high as the amount you are billed for?
Are you unable to monitor your consumption on a day to day basis?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then we have the answer for you.....

Our flexible design approach has led us to implementing systems that can work in closed intranets or remotely over the internet or GSM networks, with integration to banking and financial switches for payments or SMS purchases.


* Distribution and Reticulation
Prepayment Meters

* Meters, Loggers & Monitors
3 Phase Watt-Hour Meters
Electricity Prepaid Meters
Electricity Prepayment Meters

* Publications & Software
Distribution and Reticulation Software


* Landlords and Property Managers:
- Ensure that tenants are paying for electricity before consuming it.
- This ensures that they will not be lumped with large unpaid bills at the end of a lease.
- Easily resolve disputes on the amount of electricity consumed.
- If rent is unpaid the owner can use the sale of recharge vouchers as a bargaining tool and thus
create an huge incentive for the tenant to pay on time. (see tips and tools for lease agreement)

* Tenants:
- Are able to monitor their consumption by checking the easy to read monitor and Adjusting their consumption accordingly.
- Budget in advance so there are no surprise bills at the end of the month.
- Can be sure that they are paying for the correct amount of electricity they are using.

Electricity charges will still be billed by your local supplier and we recommend that you regularly read your “council meters” and submit your readings to ensure that your bills are accurate to current consumption.

we only supply Private Sub-Prepaid meters.
this is any meter in addition to a council meter – we cannot replace a council meter.


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