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Most of the buyers / clients enquiring tops donít always know or understand the difference between Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine, Quartz etc and donít know which product is best suited for which area.


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We do discuss most of the proís & conís of different materials supplied and why best suited for that specific project. Kitchen, bar, wall cladding, flooring,...

Obtain 5 free granite quotes now. We bring the fabricator and client together. Our system and data basis have contractors listed all over south Africa. Accredited contractors will contact you for site measurements. They will assist you with samples, guidance, budget etc. Visit our website and submit your info Ė they will call you!Ē

Granite is formed naturally, not generated like quartz. Feldspar, quartz and black mica is the primarily combination of how granite is formed / combined. When you look at the surface, feldspar will be the white areas, glass like materials the quartz and darker areas the black mica.

Granite slabs is produces through a process of mining blocks out of the earthís crust and cut up in to slices of different thicknesses, mostly 30mm thick. These slabs are then polished on one side to give you that perfect glossy finish. On order of your granite material / granite colour your installer will cut the sizes as per your requirements with as little waste as possible. All the exposed edges must then be profiled and polished. Best to ask for a profile that is similar to the cabinetís door profile, that shows a designed finish and thought.

Granite is a hard and durable option for kitchen, bar, reception, staircases etc countertop surfaces. The price difference between the colour ranges is normally assessed by the fact if the product was imported and from where, quantity for availability and the popularity of that specific colour. Granite is porous, use a penetrating stain ban on all lighter counter tops to prevent any stains.

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