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Reduce your electricity bill by 30% by installing a geyser management system or Install a solar heating system, and get FREE hot water!


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Geyserwise is an accredited product to the ESKOM Solar Rebate Programme.
Designed and patented in South Africa.
Geyserwise Max supports the full Solar System

With GeyserwiseMax, you start to save electricity and money immediately!
Between 40% and 60% of your electricity bill is often calculated as the geyser costs. With Geyserwise you can save up to 70% of the geyser costs on
your electricity bill!
We replace your conventional thermostat with a digital thermostat. The unit can be used for a number of functions, including:

setting your geyser to come on at specific times up to 4 settings per day
clear and accurate temperature displays and settings
protection features

Save up to 30% of your electricity bill
Move your geyser usage to off peak periods
Detect hot water pipe leaks early
Detect scale build-up in your geyser optional
Prevent your geyser from over heating
Automatically turn your geyser off during periods when not in use
Need hot water during the off period settings, easily over-ride your settings with one click
Easily add on and manage a Solar Heating system with GeyserwiseMax
Reduce your carbon footprint
Protection Features:
For safety reasons and to avoid any further damage the unit will display an error code and shut the system down under the following conditions

Earth Leakage
Element Failure
Overheating > 85C
Sense Heat Failure e.g. scale build-up, leaking pipes
Probe Failure
Supports telephone remote control on/off, ability to interface with alarm systems.


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