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Dry Carpet Cleaning... No water, No downtime, No fuss.


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Drysmart makes use of organic compounds wherever possible. Drysmart industrial cleaning powder offers a particularly effective solvent - speeds up the cleaning process pluss ensures maximum cleaning effect and bacteria decline. Now far more economical offering greater spread

50grams or half a cup per sq. meter.

* Simple to use

Spread over carpet. Agitate into the carpet with a broom, brush or mechanical device. No specialized equipment is required. Leave in contact with carpet for under 1 hr. During this time - may walk over carpet. Vacuum up used residue.

* For stubborn spots and stains

Apply smaller (tablespoon) amounts to stubborn stains. Agitate the powder into the stain - using gloved hand or firm brush. do not scrub over vigorously. Allow to dry (under 1 hr) Vacuum and repeat the process until stains lightens or eventually lifts.

Keep Drysmart in a sealed container in cool conditions.

NB: Not ALL stains are treatable. Older stains may be embedded in the fabric - almost like a die. In such cases the most that can be achieved is to lighten the stain.

The cleaning answer for Sisal and coir carpets and mats. Will lift most dirt and stains without causing shrinkage of the fibre and without leaving stubborn white streaks.

Product is Manufactured by Caprichem (Pty) Ltd

Martin on 079 573 1992

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