Paint Types

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  • To produce great design, you should first understand the basics. Paint types, is probably the most commonly misused and misunderstood wall finish.

  • Therefore to make the most of your design, it is super helpful to know which paint finish goes on which wall.

  • The most popular choice of paint for interior walls and ceilings of a residential project are EMULSIONS. These paints are water based with vinyl or acrylic and dry reasonably quick.

They vary in degree of sheen and durability. Generally speaking the rule of thumb is, the higher the sheen, the more robust the paint will be.

1. Vinyl Matt Emulsion
2. Vinyl Satin Emulsion
3. Vinyl Silk Emulsion

What is paint?
In short, it is a liquid composition which after application to a substrate in a thin layer is converted to a solid film. It is most commonly used to protect, color or provide texture to objects.

To you and I, it is the skin or coating we apply onto our walls.

Vinyl Matt Emulsion
Of all finishes, matt emulsion is the most generally used for residential projects. This look is non-shiny and is good for disguising small imperfections that may occur on a wall or ceiling however, it could require the occasional touch up as it does not wear as well as some other finishes.

Vinyl Satin Emulsion
Satin emulsion provides a soft sheen surface. Although it is not as tough wearing as a silk finish, it is more so than mat and is suitable to use in areas that may require the occasional light wash.

Vinyl Silk Emulsion
If you are looking for a high sheen appearance, then is the finish for you. It is highly durable and is most likely to be used in areas prone to moisture i.e. humidity or condensation. There are collections available of paint resilient to high humidity which are ideal to use in bathrooms and kitchens.

Gloss has a high sheen finish resembling a lacquer coating. The mix of oil and resin provide a long lasting, hard wearing finish.

Eggshell gloss is commonly used for baseboards/skirting and architraves. This finish is not as shiny however, it is not entirely matt.

Liquid gloss is the conventional super high sheen finish used to create pattern or design on a wall.

Polyurethane gloss is extremely durable against abrasion. You could use this finish to coat doors.

The dining area shown in the image below gives a wonderful example of how a general liquid gloss applied to a wall creates a high reflective surface which casts light and shadow. Could become part of a feature wall.

TIP: There are fast dry, non-drip gloss paints available which could be helpful to you. The certainly help me!



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