Maintaining your Down

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    Laundering Down:

  • Rather than pay for professional cleaning, you can safely clean many down-filled items yourself using a low-sudsing, mild detergent. When machine washing, a large front-loading washer is best. 

  • To hand wash, fill a tub with lukewarm water and a little detergent. Gently squeeze soapy water through the item, and drain water.

  • Rinse with cool water; repeat as needed. Before drying, use a washer's spin cycle to release excess water, or press out water by hand.

Drying Down:

Dry down-filled items on the tumble-dry low setting. When drying down pillows, add a tennis ball or two to the dryer to prevent matting.

Add a dry hand towel to loads of down outerwear to absorb excess moisture, and before washing a comforter, pop it in the dryer to see if it will fit once fluffed up after drying.


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