Herb Garden Guide

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  • A place to sit back and take in the sights and smells of the garden. Here's a look at some of the stars of the herb garden.
  • Angelica Archangelica
    Angelica is a striking architectural shade plant with bold leaves and a showy, flat head composed of many tiny, star-shaped yellow-green flowers.
  • Lavender Provence
    Aromatic gray-green foliage and large spikes of fragrant blue-violet flowers on long stems make 'Provence' perfect for edging an herb garden or perennial border in a sunny spot.
  • Anise Hyssop
    This striking hybrid of anise hyssop makes a bold statement in a garden.
  • Dill
    Dill's spicy flavor makes it useful for cooking, and its fine, fernlike foliage and chartreuse flower heads add texture to a sunny herb garden.
  • Artemesia Pontica 'Silver Frost'
    A sea of pewter-colored foliage is not a common sight in an herb garden. The Silver Frost has finely shaped downy leaves that are used to flavor wine and vermouth.
  • Epazote
    The leaves of the epazote plant are powerful in flavor and purpose.
  • Bay Laurel
    A bold texture, aromatic evergreen leaves, and clusters of fragrant greenish-yellow flowers make bay laurel a perfect container plant.
  • Marigold
    This sunny addition to the garden is featured in the pots around the garden.
  • Willowleaf Pear
    A close-up of the hard green fruit sprouting from the Willowleaf Pear.
  • Fern
    These beautifully curled leaves make a dramatic addition to the garden.
  • Walking Onion
    The green spindly stems of a walking onion grow lopsided and reaching.
  • French Tarragon
    The leaves of this delicate variety of tarragon look similar to blades of grass.
  • Passion Flower
    An orchidlike center will thrust out from these brightly colored petals.
  • Yellow Thyme
    This thyme plant is a fast grower, and its glowing, yellow-tinted leaves make an excellent border for a garden.
  • Stevia
    This tall leafy plant is the source of a popular sugar substitute.
  • Cilantro
    A graceful plant with lacy foliage and aromatic seeds, cilantro provides the pungent flavor essential to many Thai, Indian, South American, and Mexican dishes.
  • Golden Hops
    A cultivar of the species grown commercially for beer making, golden hops is a vigorous, attractive perennial vine that is well suited for use in the home garden.
  • Licorice
    The soft and fuzzy foliage of the licorice plant has a trailing habit. Its rapid growth makes it a good filler for a garden, and its silvery color contrasts nicely with more robust hues.


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