Green F.O.G.S and Greastraps!

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  • FOG is short for Fats, Oils, and Grease; pollutants commonly found in commercial kitchen waste-water. When FOG`s gets into our sanitary sewer system it will harden in the lines and cause block-ups or sewer overflows, which may result in raw sewage running onto the ground. 

  • FOG build-up is the number one cause of public and private sewage spills. The easiest way to solve this problem and help prevent overflows is to keep these materials out of the sewer system in the first place.

  • FOG can also cause enormous problems during the waste-water treatment process which costs the tax payer money. Preventing FOG from entering your drain system will also help you to avoid plumbing backups and costly sewer repair bills. Minimizing FOG is the right thing to do for you and our environment!

Green F.O.G.S re-mediate the more common variety grease traps and compile a bespoke maintenance solution for every site.

A fleet of trucks ranging from 6000l to 15000l is available to meet any requirements you may have. Our crew of service technicians is second to none! Between them, they have over 50 years of industry knowledge.

They will show up at your home with a courteous, clean and always with a friendly attitude, they accept each job as a new challenge every day. They are a great group of problem solvers and will do a terrific job for you.


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