Family Recipes

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  • Grandma's coffee cake, Mom's Bolognese -- there's something about a family member's specialty that makes it seem impossible to replicate.

  • Create an album with a recipe and step-by-step photos of your relative cooking his or her trademark dish, in order to pass down your family's culinary traditions to future generations.

How to make it:

Step 1

With a craft knife, cut out two 5-by-7-inch pieces of colored mat board, for front and back covers.

Step 2

For a 6-page book, cut out one 7-by-30-inch piece of lightweight watercolor paper.

Step 3

Use a bone folder and a ruler to score where on the watercolor paper you'll fold the 5-inch-wide pages, and then accordion-fold the paper.

Step 4

Apply archival adhesive to glue the covers to the paper's ends and the photos to their pages.

Step 5

Write recipe steps on labels, and stick underneath each photo.


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