Color Meanings

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  • What a wonderful subject color meanings is. The more you understand color and what it relates to in terms of our emotions, our mood and outlook, our selection becomes a whole other ball game.

  • To choose consciously to create an optimum outcome within your interior design gives your home a valuable addition that perhaps you could have missed.

  • The image below is a great introduction to what we're going to touch upon in this section.

  • When you understand color meaning and that everything you choose to decorate your home with, has a direct effect on how your environment supports you, you will be better equipped to create a happy, healthy home. On the other hand, you also avoid the opposite; dull, draining or tired.

What is your FAVORITE color? sometimes what you would select today could change tomorrow, depending on your mood.

Do you know that the most popular color worldwide is blue? Dulux Paints carried out a comprehensive global survey and found that 42% of males and 30% of females favored the same color ....BLUE.

Second favorite is RED and GREEN followed by ORANGE, BROWN and PURPLE. The least favorite color is YELLOW, with only 5% of people choosing it over the others.

Room Color Schemes
There are no hard fast rules about about which color should go where however, in the interest of creating a harmonious home you should be sure about your choices.

Why choose dark green over light green or blue over red? The answer is almost always based around preference.

Click to take a closer look into colors you're choosing:



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