3 Things to Do With Jars

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How to make it:

  • 1. LIGHT THE NIGHT: These striped lanterns cast striking patterns and add a crafty touch to patio dinners. Start with a pint-size canning jar, a safe choice because it's made from tempered glass. Apply glue with a glue stick to the undersides of three 11- by 1/2-inch strips of cotton fabric, then adhere them to the jar. Wind 24-gauge wire three times around the neck of the jar, then twist together the wire ends and trim. Cut three 12-inch wire lengths, loop one end of each around the neck wire, and twist to secure them. Thread on beads. Holding the three wires together, slide on a large bead, then twist the wires into a single strand. Wrap the strand around a fat marker to make a loop, twist the end around the strand, and trim. Put flat glass marbles and a tea light inside the jar. Tip: Use an uncooked spaghetti strand as a "match" to light the candle (a parent's job).
  • 2. FLOAT A FISH: Thanks to magnets hidden under the lid, this goldfish shimmies, quivers, and floats in its jam-jar bowl just like the real thing. To make your own gravity-defying finned friend, cut a fish shape from paper and insert it into a paper clip. Measure the jar's height, cut a thread to match this measure, and tie it to the clip. Tape the other end of the thread to the bottom of the inside of the jar. Hold the jar upside down: the top of the fish should hang about an inch from the opening. Stack four strong button magnets onto the underside of the lid, then screw the lid in place. Invert the jar again so that the clip is caught in the magnetic field, then turn the jar upright. Your fish will "float." (You may need to tinker with the length of the thread or the number of magnets to get the effect just right.) Pour in some beads to create a pebbled bottom.
  • 3. SPOIL A PAL: Canine family members will snap to attention whenever this little pup shows up. Rescue a large lidded jar from the recycling bin to make your own waggish treat-stash (ours began life as a pickle jar). Cut out the dog's tail and head from felt, using the jar lid as a sizing guide for the face. With tacky glue, affix a black felt nose and button eyes to the face and draw on the mouth with permanent marker. Glue the face to the lid and the tail to the bottom of the jar. For the collar, glue a strip of felt in a contrasting color around the lid's edge. Glue on four large buttons for feet. Lay the jar on a towel with the feet up until the glue dries, then fill the jar with your pet's favorite treats.


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