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Warm and Cozy

Warm your home by keeping the fire burning, leaving your home warm and cozy.

A Luxurious Clean Look

A luxurious spacious bathroom with a nice clean cut.

A Passionate Paradise

A stunning garden full of different colours and plants.

A Slice of Shade

Create a cool spot for summer living with one of our easy canopies.

Along the Road

Beautiful shades of purple lining the road.

And Now For The Fun Part!

Plant a beautiful garden.

Art Line

Use this tip to Creatively display your child's art.

Art Spaces

Create a graphic, tidy arrangement of your child's artwork.

Asian Lanturns

Use this great Asian style lanterns to lighten up the night.

Baby Lullaby

We create exclusive and beautiful bedrooms for your little ones.

Bamboo Beautiful

A Beautiful Bamboo look with clean simple lines.

Basket Beautiful

Use this simple trick to organise your kitchen better.

Beautiful Serenity

A beautiful patch of different flowers.

Beautiful Spring Paper Flowers

With a few snips and folds, and a little imagination, you can turn humble paper bags into party-perfect decorations.

Beautifully Bright

A Bright and Beautiful fresh look.

Bed Make-over

What girl doesn't love a makeover? Give her bed a fresh look with this bright headboard made from a display board.

Biodegradable Twine

Make sure you have Biodegradable twine for composting with dead stems and prunings.

Bird Feeders

Keep bird feeders fill to bring birds to the trees of autumn.

Black Room Color Scheme

Definitely sophisticated and very much akin to classic French interior design and art decor.

Blue Room Color Scheme

Currently and frequently blue my personal favourite color from the list of associations it's not surprising. I also love turquoise and gold but that can be discussed elsewhere!

Boys and their toys

There’s something about boys and fast cars

Breakfast Nook

Create this beautiful lil breakfast nook for those warm summer mornings.

Brighten your Whites

Brighten your white clothing with this easy tip and you dont even have to use bleach!

Brown Room Color Scheme

This color like black suggests sophistication and relates to wealth as well as a sense of being totally grounded.

Bugs Away

Use this simple trick to keep those bugs away from your food.

Bush Babies

A cute animal themed little boys room.

Butterfly Chair

These are great chairs to use for the outdoors.

Caring for your Refrigirator

Use these steps and tips to spring clean your refrigerator.

Chalkboard Draws

Use this simple trick to lable your draws in a fun and easy way.

Chandeliers and Light Bulbs

Remember to keep your chandeliers and light bulbs clean and shiny.

Check your Cycle

Check your washing Machine settings and make sure they are right for your clothing.

Check your Firewood

As winter approaches make sure you have firewood.

Check Your Soil

Always remember to test and make sure your soil will make your plants grow green and healthy.

Chimney Sweep

Keep your chimney clean from the inside out.

Choosing Paint and Color

When in comes to choosing paint color there are a few things to think about such as...

Clean and Shiny Knobs

Use this tip to keep your stove knobs clean.

Clean Gutters

An easy trick to clean out your gutters for spring.

Clean Supreme

Use this tip to keep your clothing more organised and clean.

Cleaning the Toaster

With five minutes and these techniques, you can get your toaster looking brand new.

Clever Book Pockets

A fun way to organise your notebook.

Color Meanings

What a wonderful subject color meanings is. The more you understand color and what it relates to in terms of our emotions, our mood and outlook, our selection becomes a whole other ball game.

Colorful Organizers

Use these tips to protect and give your clothing a fresh smell.

Colourful Delight

A beautiful garden with splashes of different colours.

Crafty Collectors Desk

Kids are natural collectors. Here are a few tips to put those collections to good use.

Crafty Cubbies

Easy to make cubbyholes to organise your papperwork nicely and neatly.

Creative Space

A compact arts-and-crafts spot is set up next to the bed.

Creativity Cupboard

Use this tip to organise all your crafts.

Cultivating Beauty

A stunning garden that really captures the beauty of nature.

Down By The Sea Side

Take your little sailor on a sea side adventure in this polar themed room.

Easy Edge

EasyEdge Garden Cobble Edging is a stunning revolutionary garden edge innovation that will magically transform your garden into a dream come true! With a great range of colours to choose from SmartStone - The world leaders in cast stone!

Eating Under the Stars

Spend your dinner time outside under the stars.

Eliminate Clutter

An easy tip to declutter your rooms.

Entrance Doormats

Give your front door a fresh new look for spring. Replace your winter-ravaged doormat with a new one.

Estimate Size

Before planting always make sure you know what size the plant will grow to.

Flip your Mattress

An awesome tip to keep your mattress longer.

French Elegance

A french jazzy look of elegance.

Fresh and Fluffy Bath Towels

A fun simple trick to wash your bath towels and leave them feeling fresh and fluffy.

Fresh, Clean Carpets

Get your carpets and rugs to new fresh clean look.

Fun Bedtime Pockets

Five simple ways to add fun and personality to a child's sleeping space.

Garden Fork

Use this tool to make breaking up soil and clods much easier.

Garden Rake

Make sure you have this awesome tool for leveling the soil and combing rocks and clods out of a bed for seed sowing.

Garden Spade

This is always a great tool for digging.

Goodbye Ants

Keep the ants away by using this easy trick.

Green F.O.G.S and Greastraps!

FOG is short for Fats, Oils, and Grease; pollutants commonly found in commercial kitchen waste-water.

Green Room Color Scheme

Green can create a sense of well being given that it's the source color from nature.

Growing Varieties

If you are beginner gardener, learn about some heartier vegetable varieties for a successful harvest.

Hand Washing Tips

Easy tips on how and when to hand wash your clothing.

Hanging Basket Wand

Use this tool to make watering your hanging plants easier.

Herb Garden Guide

Use these absolutly stunning herbs to make your herb garden a growing paradise.

How To Setup a Home Office

Use this tip to set up a beautiful home office for you.

Kilimanjaro Beauty

A stunning earthly feeling to this entrance.

Kitchen Containers

A neat way to organise your kitchen goods.

Knowing and Understanding Seeds

It is important to know and understand what seeds you want to plant.

Little Angels Dreams

We transform your idea of your dream children’s bedroom into a reality and carry your theme right through to the last detail.

Long-Handled Hoe

This is an awesome tool for weeding and or opening a furrow for planting.

Love the Outdoors

This is such an awesome way to enjoy the outdoors during those nice summer days.

Maintaining your Down

Easy way to maintain and clean your down.

Maintaining your Oven

Use these simple steps to make your oven sparkling clean.

Map of the Garden!

Before planting make a map and plan the way you want your garden.

Matching Sheets

Don't let your matching sheets get lost in the linen closet. Use this simple trick.

Maximize Space

A wonderful way to use all the space in your garden.

Mediterranean Style

A stunning Mediterranean Style with boxwood, rosemary and beautiful gravel steps.

Modern Elegance

An elegant antique look with a splash of modern.

More Veggie Garden Tips

More Vegetable tips for a stunning veggie garden.

Moving Organiser

Use this awesome tip to organise your car space better.

Nautical Nursery

A seaside light house room for your little sailor.

Neat and Tidy Laundry

A sweet and neat way to organise your laundry space.

Neat Duvet Cover

Use this to keep your Duvet cover neatly in place.

Nice and Neat

Nice and easy tip to keep your washing neat and clean.

Office Space Savers

Fun tips to organise and save your space in your home office.

Orange Room Color Scheme

As much as you may be drawn to orange be careful to make it work well for your interior design decisions. Think tone, shade and what compliments it.

Organise your Medicine Cabinet

A simple tip to clean up and organise your medicine cabinet.

Organisers from Cereal Boxes

Use this easy tip to Sufficiently use up all your cereal boxes.

Outdoor Fireplace

Spend the night out under the stary night sky and listen to the sound of a crackling fire.

Paint Types

To produce great design, you should first understand the basics. Paint types, is probably the most commonly misused and misunderstood wall finish. Therefore to make the most of your design, it is super helpful to know which paint finish goes on which wall.

Party Space

Use this awesome tip to free some party space.

Peaceful Hideaway

Ever feel like just going and reading a book in the peace of nature? Well use this tip to make a beautiful hideaway in your garden.

Pegboard Organiser

This easy project will help you keep track of office utensils, stationery, and more with just five easy steps.

Perfectly Folded

A nice a neat way to fold your towels perfectly.

Pet Food Frenzy

An easy tip to organise your pet food.

Photographers Space

Use this tip for all photographers and their studio.

Picture Perfect Shoe Rack

Use these tips to organise your room in a neat and sweet way.

Pink Haze

Suprise your little princesses with this beautiful pink bunk bed.

Plan Your Garden

Plan and plant your garden in a beautiful orderly way.

Planning in Advance

An absolutly amazing way to make your garden a growing paradise.

Plant Pruners

Use this tool to cut away the dead parts of your plants keeping them looking fresh and healthy.

Protect your Clothing

Use these tips to protect and give your clothing a fresh smell.

Purple Room Color Scheme

These tones and shades work to stimulate your imagination and creative centers hence it was popular in the 1960's with psychedelia.

Rain Gauge

Use this tool to measure how much rain and water your plants get.

Red Room Color Scheme

Bold and definite, red is a statement. It's actually a super color to use in a reading room however, when used in a bedroom it can disrupt sleep.

Remote Holder

Always can't find your remote? well use this tip to keep all your remotes in one place, so that they are there whenever you need them.

Royal Comfort

This elegant set creates a peaceful ambience in a bedroom, encouraging relaxation and comfort.

Seed Guide

Tips and tricks to plan a beautiful vegetable garden.

Seed Sowing Dibbers

An awesome tool to make seed sowing easier.

Shared Space

A Cozy setup for a pair of workstations in an open configuration that fits snugly against almost any stretch of wall without overwhelming the rest of the room.

Shoe Keeper

Help your child learn his left from his right -- and keep all his favorite footwear neat in the process.

Sleek and Simple

A practical and personal bathroom added with texture and warmth.

Snow White

A beautiful elegant white entrance hall.

Soapy Sponge

A nice and easy way to put leftover hotel soaps and soap shards to better use.

Soil Cultivators

Use this simple tool to give your soil or mulch a beatiful fresh look.

Soil Shovel

A shovel is always a good tool to have for breaking soil, shifting piles of soil, sand and compost.

Sort Out Your Home Office

Sort out and organise your home office.

Spanish Serenity

A warm beautiful childproof living room.

Sparkle of Nature

A beautiful path way lined with bright natural sparklers.

Spotless Micorwave

Use these easy steps to clean our microwave.

Stepladder Side Table

A fun way to stack your nighttime necessities.

Straighten Up Your Shed

Follow these tips to spring clean and declutter your shed.

Stunning Herb Garden

Relax on one of the benches, embraced by plants and scents, in this restorative and tranquil haven.

Sugar and Spice

Sugar, spice and everything nice pink baby nursery.

Summer Memories

A memory of childhood summers with cast iron beds, mosquito nets and vintage schoolhouse lights.

Summer Serenity

Make your porch a beautiful welcoming part of your home for summer.

Sun and Shade

Take how much sun and shade your plant gets in to consideration.

Supercool Skateboard Shelves

Take three skateboards, a blank wall, and a room in need of storage, add one clever mom.

Swedish Anitque

A flawless swedish antique entrance.

Swedish Beauty

Beautiful Swedish accents with big beautiful mirrors to help bring the outdoors inside.

Sweet Treat

As sweet as candy for your precious princess.

Table for Two

Create this beautiful intimate setting for two.

Tag Sale!

Clean out your things and host a tag sale on all the things you dont need.

Taste of Africa

Try this African style in your Living Room.

The Ocean Blue

A Beautiful Ocean Blue Combanation of a bed and a desk together.

The Right Climate

Make sure you have the right climate for your plants.

Think Pink!

Make your little angels room a pink suprise.

Tight Spots

Use this tip to maximise your outdoor space.

Timing Crop

Always know what seeds to plant in the different crop seasons.

To Do List

Remember to do these simple things to keep your home clean during autumn.

Toilet Roll Holder

A nice way to organise your toilet rolls better.

Traveling Bunk Beds

Take your dreams for a ride on these travel themed bunk beds.


This is an essential tool to have in your garden.

Using Winter Linen

As the leaves fall and nights get colder, bring out your winter linen and get cozy as the cold nights approaching.

Vegetable Garden Prep

Tips and tricks to plant a beautiful vegetable garden.

Vintage Jewelry Cabinet

Turn your old medicine cabinet into a vintage style jewelry cabinet.

Vintage Sunshine

A bright vintage bathroom with a touch of modern.

Warm Clothes

Pack up summer clothes and linens, and replace them with cool-season items.

Warm Feet

Keep a basket filled with slippers to remind you to keep your feet warm in the winter!

Water Seeping Hose

Use this amazing tool to water your garden even when you forget!

Watering Timer

Tired of waiting at home until the sprinkler has run long enough? Use an inexpensive watering timer to keep the garden on your own schedule.

Watering Your Plants

This is a very important tool to have, especially during those hot summer days when there is no rain.


Use this tool for hauling soil, mulch, plants, and debris over all kinds of terrain.

Winterise Your Entrance

A cozy wintery entrance.

Yellow Room Color Scheme

Yellow room color schemes can be a sure hit or miss. As with everything to do with interior design it's about how you put it together and blend with your design style.

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