Put a BIG smile on your little tots face with these super fun crafts for toddlers!


Paint and Create (31)

Let your pre-schoolers have fun painting and creating with these crafts.
Paint and Create

Music Makers (5)

Make some noise with your tots with these great music makers.
Music Makers

A Flock of Baby Socks

Give used baby socks new life in this easy-to-make mobile.

A Trail Tote

To help kids get the most out of communing with nature, pack a canvas bag with a few simple items.

Antarctic Auditions: Penguin Craft

Transform used soda or water bottles and your child's lone socks into playful penguins -- and turn your lawn into an eye-catching, laugh-inducing winter display.

Artful Place Mats

A simple stencil technique allows your toddler free expression while painting these one-of-a-kind gifts -- and results in near-perfect designs. She'll be proud as a peacock to see them grace a friend or relative's holiday table.

Boo-Boo Bunny

Turn a frown upside down with a terry cloth critter.

Bottle-cap Tambourines

Make and shake instruments this awesome instrument.

Can Do!

An empty canister can be used as a great gift holder.

Can-Do Robots

These friendly robots are more than just good-looking; magnets hold their features in place, making the 'bots the metallic equivalent of a Mr. Potato Head.

Cardboard Kitchen

With just a few empty boxes and other recyclables, you can cook up a clever playset for the young culinary wizards in your household.

Color in a Bag

For the youngest kids, art is really about the tactility of the materials.

Colored Sand Collage

This toddler-friendly introduction to sand painting transforms a favorite backyard building material into a magical art supply. We like using salt shakers for the sand because they're easy for little hands to hold.

Cook Up Some Musical Sounds

As intriguing to look at as it is to listen to, this wind chime is a breeze to make.

Cool Creatures

Teach your kids the art of recycling with this great craft.

Cosmic Crafts: Two-Liter Transporter

A space station craft from recycled materials.

Discovery Bottles

Toddlers will find these simple little shakers mesmerizing.

Drawing Dough

A cross between paint and dough, this delightful concoction is fun to squeeze out into puffy, colorful designs. As it dries, the salt in the dough crystallizes, leaving behind a glittering abstraction.

Drumroll, Please

Help your toddler participate in the joyful noise of music.

Easy Wall Pop Art

Create cool nursery decor with this easy-to-make pop art portrait of your child.

Fabric Dancing

You already know your toddler's got rhythm, so invite her to a living-room dance party.

Fantasy Flower Shop

Help sow the seeds of imagination with a playset that includes everything your tot needs to open her own flower shop.

Fingerprint Pals

Help your little chick welcome spring with a custom-decorated onesie or shirt that's fun for older siblings to make.

Fishing for Knowledge

Make learning fun for your toddler with this interactive alphabet game.

Found-Object Collage

Almost like a first scrapbook page, this collage project is a great way to create a simple but appealing keepsake from a collection of everyday things -- whether they're found during a walk in the woods or on a hunt around the house.

Glimmer Paints

Directions for making glimmer paint.

Glossy Paper Flowers

Far from the garden variety, these easy-to-make blossoms stem from magazine pages.

Handy Tray

Honor those grand people in your kids' lives on National Grandparents' Day (September 9) with this functional keepsake.

Hobby Unicorn

Here's a fantasy variation on our Homemade Hobbyhorse, a magical unicorn that you can easily assemble in about an hour from a dowel and a fuzzy slipper sock.

Homemade Hobbyhorse

Keep your little neigh-sayer horsing around for days with this soulful steed, easily assembled in about an hour from a dowel and a fuzzy slipper sock.

Instant Easel

Here's an idea from the 'wish we'd done it sooner' files: hang a roll of paper from a closet door to give your child easy access to a continuous canvas that's perfectly proportioned for both her small stature and her enormous creativity.

Kid-Quote Cards

Little kids say the darndest things, and with these sweet note cards you can share those 'out of the mouths of babes' moments with family and friends.

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