Cupid's job is made easier by these adorable and easy-to-make homemade crafts.

Be My Valentine: Animal Lovers

An easy-to-make valentine.

Be My Valentine: Love Handles

An easy-to-make valentine.

Be My Valentine: Pencil Toppers

Create easy-to-make valentine pencil toppers with this craft.

Bighearted Hello

Here's an easy-to-make greeting with a sense of humor, inspired by the movie 'Monsters, Inc.'; another great Valentine's Day craft.

Captive Heart

Show that you care with this keepsake. The red wire is very flexible, so she can extract the note and treat while keeping the ornament to remind her of her sweetheart.

Clap Happy

On February 14, six-year-old Quinlan Adams of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, gives his teachers a big round of applause and a little luxury: a tube of hand lotion.

Conversation Heart Fudge

If your child's tongue-tied when it comes to expressing his feelings, let this microwave fudge do the talking.

Crayon Hearts

Recycle crayon pieces into colorful, useable gifts...

Feet Heart

These simple crafts send the cutest messages; another great Valentine's craft.

Friendship Rings

Cute friendship rings, perfect for little girls to wear and give on Valentine's Day or any day! Another great craft.

Heart Key Chain

Give a sweetie your heart to carry their keys on.

Keepsake Envelopes

Over the centuries, envelopes have contained many secrets and declarations of true love, so it's appropriate to use a group of them to store dear old letters and treasured notes -- or to fill them with trinkets for your valentine.


An easy-to-make card starring your child's face! Another great "I Love You" craft.

Plane Awesome

This paper airplane card flies incredibly well and is a cinch to make.

Play Clay Hearts

Make an original valentine that doubles as usable clay.

Puppy Love Locket

Show your furry valentine he's top dog with a customized tag.

Stained Glass Hearts

An easy-to-make card with heart!

String of Hearts

Link your heart to someone else's heart with this fun craft.

Sweet Pea Pot

Add a gift of greenery to make your Moms day sweet.

Valentine Butterflies

Set hearts a'flutter with this sweet winged messenger.

Valentine Mailbox

Receive specially delivered love notes in this snazzy letter box.

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