All Shapes and Sizes

Awesome tip to use old scraps or store-bought scraps.

Archive Sleeves

Instead of collaging a lot of photos, use clear archival sleeves, which she pastes into the book.

Attaching Pictures

An easy tip for attaching those special pictures to your scrapbook.

Book within a Book

Use this tip to organize your scrapbook better.

Choose a Stunning Theme

Make sure to choose a beautiful theme that will match the scrapbook you want.

Envelope Collage

Collect different envelopes and make a beautiful collage in your scrapbook.

Great Picture Organising Tips

A great tip to organise your photos and memories.


Make sure to organise all the thing you want for your scrap book.

Photo Scrapbooking

Use this awesome tip to make your scrapbook come alive.

Pockets for your Scrapbook

Give your scrapbook pages pockets that you can fill with memorable items, like tickets or other memorabilia, by taping, folding, and sewing two pieces of paper to secure.

Ribbon Picture Corners

Give a decorative touch to your scrapbook by making colorful ribbon mounts.


A great tip to organise your scrapbook.

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