Poultry Recipes

  • Complexity: medium

Asian Chicken Slaw

Part chicken salad, part coleslaw, this unique dish features a prepared mix, so it comes together quickly -- especially if you buy a roasted chicken. Serve it as a salad, as shown here, or in a sandwich wrap.

  • Complexity: easy

Chicken and Biscuit Pie

Topped with mini biscuits instead of pastry crust and amply filled with a saucy mix of chicken and your family's favorite veggies, this potpie is sure to warm you up on a wintry evening. Just don't count on leftovers.

  • Complexity: medium

Chinese Chicken Salad

This Asian-style chicken salad, made with a delicious peanutty vinaigrette, is provided by In the Night Kitchen of San Francisco and is popular with adults and kids alike.

  • Complexity: easy

Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Soup

This comforting recipe, fortified with cream and chicken, is a flavorful alternative to a basic mushroom soup.

  • Complexity: medium

Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich

Here's a variation on chicken salad that has a bit of a kick, and a couple surprises, too -- grapes for a sweet accent and cashews for crunch.

  • Complexity: medium

Fajita Chop-Chop Salad

My kids love chop-chop salads, and this one -- a mix of familiar mild Mexican spices and additions, such as corn and black beans -- is a particular favorite. On nights when I need a shortcut, I substitute store-bought rotisserie chicken for the steak.

  • Complexity: easy

Grandma Lulay's Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and dumplings are a perfect combo when you want a nice and hearty meal.

  • Complexity: medium

Maple-Glazed Turkey

A simple glaze makes this holiday turkey glisten while its drippings flavour the gravy with a whisper of maple sweetness

Rub-a-dub Chicken

An easy rub makes this chicken simply mouthwatering and forms a gorgeous crust during grilling. Make a batch of the spicy powder, store it in your cupboard, and use it all summer long to give your chicken an outrageous zing.

  • Complexity: medium

Teriyaki Chicken with Roasted Scallions

Sweet and sticky, this chicken mixes kid-friendliness with sophistication. Scallions, a go-to ingredient in Japanese cooking, mellow when roasted.

  • Complexity: medium

Thai Chicken, Mango & Pineapple Salad

Grilled chicken and tropical fruits seasoned with a citrusy curry sauce give this colorful salad plenty of kid appeal. It makes a great lunch or a light dinner as is, or you can create a heartier meal by serving the meat and fruit with steamed rice and side salads.

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