Antarctic Auditions: Penguin Craft

Transform used soda or water bottles and your child's lone socks into playful penguins -- and turn your lawn into an eye-catching, laugh-inducing winter display.

Bobbing Bird

Make a waddling penguin created from a plastic soda bottle.

Build a Portable Golf Course

It's hard to resist the appeal of putt-ering around the yard on a weekend afternoon. All it takes to get a quick game underway is a few plastic practice golf balls and the following easy-to-make props.

Cool Creatures

Teach your kids the art of recycling with this great craft.

Cosmic Crafts: Satellite Recycler

A craft made from recycled materials.

Cosmic Crafts: Trash Tram

Make a cosmic space station with this craft.

Cosmic Crafts: Two-Liter Transporter

A space station craft from recycled materials.

Jug Heads

To liven up the laundry room, mount a menagerie of plastic-jug trophy heads using this fun recycling craft.

Recycled Piggy Bank

Turn a 2-liter bottle into the cutest economic recovery package you'll ever see with this adorable, easy-to-make piggy bank.

Recycled Tote

Fuse a stack of plastic shopping bags into a durable, water-resistant carryall, great for toting sleepover gear, wet bathing suits, or sandy beach treasures.

Snack Bag Chain Bracelet

A classic chain-folding technique lets you reuse and recycle with real style -- by turning a colorful chip bag into bracelets.

Soda-Bottle Tractor

Thanks to its jumbo rear wheels made from cardboard disks and old CDs, this green machine is surprisingly speedy.

Springy Spoonfolk

Turn plastic ware and construction paper into colorful puppets.

Treasure-Keeper Frog

What tadpole wouldn't love to fill this case with marbles, coins, or trinkets?

Tropical Bottle Fish

Recycle plastic bottles into these tropical beauties, which make great decor indoors or out.

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