Choosing Paint and Color

When in comes to choosing paint color there are a few things to think about such as...

Paint Types

To produce great design, you should first understand the basics. Paint types, is probably the most commonly misused and misunderstood wall finish. Therefore to make the most of your design, it is super helpful to know which paint finish goes on which wall.

Color Meanings

What a wonderful subject color meanings is. The more you understand color and what it relates to in terms of our emotions, our mood and outlook, our selection becomes a whole other ball game.

Red Room Color Scheme

Bold and definite, red is a statement. It's actually a super color to use in a reading room however, when used in a bedroom it can disrupt sleep.

Orange Room Color Scheme

As much as you may be drawn to orange be careful to make it work well for your interior design decisions. Think tone, shade and what compliments it.

Yellow Room Color Scheme

Yellow room color schemes can be a sure hit or miss. As with everything to do with interior design it's about how you put it together and blend with your design style.

Blue Room Color Scheme

Currently and frequently blue my personal favourite color from the list of associations it's not surprising. I also love turquoise and gold but that can be discussed elsewhere!

Purple Room Color Scheme

These tones and shades work to stimulate your imagination and creative centers hence it was popular in the 1960's with psychedelia.

Brown Room Color Scheme

This color like black suggests sophistication and relates to wealth as well as a sense of being totally grounded.

Black Room Color Scheme

Definitely sophisticated and very much akin to classic French interior design and art decor.

Green Room Color Scheme

Green can create a sense of well being given that it's the source color from nature.

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