Asian Lanturns

Use this great Asian style lanterns to lighten up the night.

Beautiful Spring Paper Flowers

With a few snips and folds, and a little imagination, you can turn humble paper bags into party-perfect decorations.

Cockleshell Critters

Make cute characters with seashells.

Personalized Nature Pals

This take on a classic camp craft inspires your family members to create versions of themselves with natural treasures from your own backyard.

Sandy Hand Mosaic

Use plaster of paris to preserve your kid's sandy treasures in a handy display.

Silly Sunglasses

Let your kids have some fun with their very own cooky personalized shades.

Spaghetti Yarn Bowl

Simply lay pieces of glue-soaked yarn onto a ball to make this loopy bowl.

Swirly Stones

Make your own collection of colorful gemstones from ordinary rocks and crayons.

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