Put a BIG smile on your little tots face with these super fun crafts for toddlers!


Paint and Create (31)

Let your pre-schoolers have fun painting and creating with these crafts.
Paint and Create

Music Makers (5)

Make some noise with your tots with these great music makers.
Music Makers

Magazine Bead Bracelet

Recycle old catalogs and magazines into stretchy, swanky bracelets that cost next to nothing to make.

Mailing Tube Rain Sticks

Your tot can enjoy the sound of a gentle rainfall -- without the sogginess -- thanks to this easy-to-make sound-alike instrument.

Message Center

Recycle a cookie sheet into a stylish message center to hang on the wall.

My First Monoprints

In printing, mono means 'one of a kind,' which is a perfect description of this easy introduction to color mixing, texture, and spontaneity.

No-Sew Baby Rattle

Rather than toss out single baby booties, turn a mismatched pair into a super-snuggly rattle.

No-Sew Tutu

Packaged rolls of tulle (available in the wedding aisle of many craft stores) make this dress-up darling a cinch to fashion.

Painting Palettes

For a complex lesson in impermanence, watch a Tibetan monk sweep away an intricate sand mandala that he's been creating for days. Or, for an experience that's a little closer to home, have your toddler try one of the fleeting, no-mess projects below.

Paper Portraits

Personalize your child's nursery with a whimsical portrait that brings a contemporary twist to the classic black-and-white silhouette.

Personalized Peekaboo Board

Your toddler will have great peekaboo fun with this custom-made lift-the-flap craft, and will find a special surprise waiting behind each door: Grandma! Teddy! The family dog!

Plant Pals

With just a few seeds, you toddler can become an indoor gardener.

Printed-Palm Tree

Help your tot commemorate autumn with this change-of-season collage, which uses fallen leaves to decorate a lovely handprint tree.

Prints Charming

Use bleeding tissue paper to create this easy introduction to printmaking for your toddler.

Simple Shakers

Little kids seem born to shake: rattles, juice in a sippy cup, their own groove thing. You can delight them with this simple homemade shaker crafted from -- because we know you've got no shortage -- a pair of laundry detergent caps.

Springy Spoonfolk

Turn plastic ware and construction paper into colorful puppets.

Stick Art

Help your child create a winsome window decoration using nature objects.

Super Scoops

These decoupaged milk jugs are great for transporting toys, dumping them on the ground, and scooping them up again when playtime is done -- and a waterproof version is perfect for skimming toys from the bathtub.

The Art of Dining

Bust boredom at restaurants with this toddler-friendly art kit made from easy-to-clean vinyl.

Tiny Bubbles

Simple straws turn out batches of bantam bubbles.

Tissue Paper Bowls

This cute craft introduces toddlers to papier-mâché (and to delayed gratification, as the project takes several hours to dry).

Towel Poncho

Turn a repurposed towel into this handy bath cover-up for your baby.

Waterproof Puppet Theater

Turn a pair of rubber gloves into a handful of bath-friendly finger puppets for your toddler.

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