Biodegradable Twine

Make sure you have Biodegradable twine for composting with dead stems and prunings.

Soil Cultivators

Use this simple tool to give your soil or mulch a beatiful fresh look.

Seed Sowing Dibbers

An awesome tool to make seed sowing easier.

Garden Fork

Use this tool to make breaking up soil and clods much easier.

Garden Rake

Make sure you have this awesome tool for leveling the soil and combing rocks and clods out of a bed for seed sowing.

Hanging Basket Wand

Use this tool to make watering your hanging plants easier.

Long-Handled Hoe

This is an awesome tool for weeding and or opening a furrow for planting.

Soil Shovel

A shovel is always a good tool to have for breaking soil, shifting piles of soil, sand and compost.

Plant Pruners

Use this tool to cut away the dead parts of your plants keeping them looking fresh and healthy.

Rain Gauge

Use this tool to measure how much rain and water your plants get.

Water Seeping Hose

Use this amazing tool to water your garden even when you forget!

Garden Spade

This is always a great tool for digging.


This is an essential tool to have in your garden.

Watering Your Plants

This is a very important tool to have, especially during those hot summer days when there is no rain.

Watering Timer

Tired of waiting at home until the sprinkler has run long enough? Use an inexpensive watering timer to keep the garden on your own schedule.

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