Cool Crayon Colors

Crayons on warm hard-boiled eggs create melted swaths of color.

Easter Egg Basket

Kids will have fun making this adorable Easter basket with this craft (and printable basket template).

Easter Egg Tree

In Germany and Austria, it's customary to celebrate Easter by hanging hollow eggs from the branches of trees. This year, bring the tradition indoors by creating a unique display for your blown and decorated eggs.

Easter Eggs: Mom Peggy Egg

Make an entire Easter egg family.

Egg Pedestal

Display your finest blown Easter egg on this easy-to-make stand.

Egg Planter

This eggshell planter is all it's cracked up to be.

Fancy Feathered Friends

Ugly-duckling cartons blossom into graceful swan cups for a simple but beautiful Easter egg display.

German-Style Paper Easter Eggs

Bring the whimsy of scherenschnitte, the German art of paper cutting, to your tabletop decor!

Marbleized Easter Eggs

Check out this amazing craft to dying and marbleizing some easter eggs.

Marbleized Eggs

Watch swirly, spotted patterns transfer onto a dipped egg.

Natural Egg Dyes

Simple formulas for making natural egg dyes, perfect for Easter baskets; another great craft.

Paper Carrots

Love your vegetables! Made of wrapped paper streamers, these adorable little bundles are a twist on the crepe-paper surprise ball.

Paper Egg Diorama

Create a papier-mache version of a panoramic sugar egg with a springtime scene tucked inside.

Pussy Willow Nest

Here, the downy, gray catkins of pussy willow branches soften a densely woven nest, while dried grasses inside cushion fragile decorated eggs.

Sticker Stencils

Stickers make great stencils when you're dyeing Easter eggs; another great Easter craft.

Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

These colorful Easter eggs put a psychedelic spin on a holiday tradition.

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