Party Planning (8)

Use these awesome party planning tips to get your party started...
Party Planning

Themes (6)

View these great tips and ideas for an amazing themed party!

Bargain Birthdays

See this great idea for a low budget Party.

Getting Started!

Use this tip to get started on your party.

Guest List

Make sure you know who is coming!


Check this out for crafty fun tips on invitations.


Honoring the birthday boy or girl with monograms is as easy as A,B,C.

Neon Meets Neutral

It's a perfect pairing. When eye-catching fluorescents are teamed with warm earth tones, both look their best.

Number Parties

Use this tip and make a festive number party.

Palette Plus Motif

Combining color and a design element such -- such as these stripes of streamers -- gives decorations a powerful punch.

Party Cocktails

Cocktails are alwasy great for parties.

Picture Perfect

Take everyone for a stroll down memory lane with photos of the guest of honor in the form of balloons, candles, cupcakes, and party hats.

The Budget

A great tip to plan and organise your budget.

The Venue

This is an awesome tip to help you choose the right venue for your party!

The Vibe

The most important thing for a party is the vibe. Check this tip to spice up the vibe of your party.


A great tip to make everything come together.

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